Spurred by the murder of George Floyd in 2020, Resisting in Place is the fruit of much internal deliberation around what can be meaningfully contributed to this moment of racial reckoning and expand the worldview of what’s being done and what’s possible. So often, critique of the Black liberation movement is relegated to “protests with no strategy” or “if we just…” and its become urgent to find a way to creatively illuminate that people are DOING, thinking, strategizing with intention, and that there are interdisciplinary modes of radical imagination and participation. It’s important to amplify that many Black Americans have found a way to live their fight in their day to day creative expressions, professions, and institutions. This project serves as a way to promote the expansiveness of this resistance and how it is more than a one-off uprising but an integral part of many folks' chosen lifestyle and an integrated framework within their chosen form of expression or profession.

In a time where folks are questioning how to become active participants in public life and transform their day to day actions, this project will showcase that resistance in place is beyond possible and will strive to make it accessible to all who want to move in this direction.

The culminating work will be segmented by industry, institution, and expression and will utilize a hybrid profile and curriculum model to showcase people who are currently resisting and their work, contextualize that resistance with learning materials, and amplify a tactical how for those looking to replicate in their own way.

For more information, check out the feature on Resisting in Place and Morgan Malone in Forbes or read the Medium article, “Why Resisting in Place?”.

For inquiries, reach out at or @resistinginplace on Instagram.


As a sought-after social impact leader, economic development practitioner, and anti-racism advocate, from community organizing to managing multi-billion dollar projects (totaling over $16B), Morgan's career has amplified one common goal -- impact.

Known for her aptitude in building, fixing, and restructuring systems and initiatives, Morgan is an experienced civic leader, skilled strategist, and consistent figure in Chicago’s neighborhood and economic development sphere.

It is her hope that this project helps to enable the work toward freedom and Black liberation.

She can be reached at @themorganmalone on Instagram and Twitter.